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An epic, charismatic Christmas performance of a lifetime
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Al is the long awaited breath of fresh air, injected into today's Christmas music landscape

Clad in black velvet and backed by some of the best musicians in modern music, 2020 GRAMMY®-WINNER Walser claims a unique position in the world’s Christmas landscape, full of original songs with one of today’s most electrifying-charismatic TV Christmas performances caught on camera.

"The heart and soul of the Al Walser Christmas Special are the unique dynamics between Walser, the audience and his band, flanked by incredibly beautifully arranged new original Christmas songs that feel timelessly-classy and then again modern. The set production, staged in the all white round with all focus on Al in his sensual black velvet suit who at times swings a rad all black keytar, is an extraordinary stimulating group jam reminding the viewer of what Christmas would be like in heaven, with Walser riling between modern day black angel and matador. Its raw intimacy reminds at times of a classic beautifully visualized MTV Unplugged Special without the cables. It is without a doubt the greatest concert Al Walser ever gave; and it probably will define his career. It will be hard to pinpoint this Hollywood production date in 30 years from now as the producer made it a point to not leave any traces that could give away such a date.  What a rad classic!"

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